3 Piece Set | Anti Cellulite Cream Kit | Two Step AM PM Skin Formula | Fat Burner Green Tea Coffee Bar Soap by Finulite | Skin Firming, Hydrating, Toner and Tightening | (Two 4 Oz Tubes) (8 Oz Total)
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3 Piece Set | Anti Cellulite Cream Kit | Two Step AM PM Skin Formula | Fat Burner Green Tea Coffee Bar Soap by Finulite | Skin Firming, Hydrating, Toner and Tightening | (Two 4 Oz Tubes) (8 Oz Total)

Product Description

Finulite's Cellulite Treatment Kit includes the following:

? Finulite AM/PM Anti-Cellulite Cream (2 x 4oz Tubes): Finulite is a scientifically engineered system that delivers powerful ingredients directly where needed, using a 2-step approach to attack cellulite - deep within the cells and on the skin's surface. AM fat burners jump-start cellular detoxification, boosting metabolism and releasing toxins and stored fats. Finulite PM increases micro circulation, enhancing the absorption of high performance, collagen stimulating ingredients that repair and restructure damaged connective tissue. Strengthens skin to help protect and prevent further damage.

This 2-part cellulite defense system is the only product of its kind that comprehensively fights the CAUSES of cellulite while erasing its EFFECTS. Also works for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins and for overall firming and tightening of sagging skin.

? Finulite Skin Perfecting Cellulite Soap: Combines the powerful antioxidant properties of Green Tea and Coffee, this ultra-lathering natural soap detoxifies, exfoliates and deeply cleanses to effectively clear congested skin. Use as a one-step cleansing massager and/or coffee scrub alternative

When used as part of your daily skin care regimen, you can expect:

? Firmer, visibly toned skin in 7-10 days
? Improvement in the appearance of cellulite and other skin imperfections in as little as 2 weeks
? Smooth, structurally repaired skin within 4-8 weeks
? Steady, gradual improvement over time

If you want REAL, VISIBLE RESULTS that LAST, try Finulite and start your transformation. You deserve it.


Bundle includes: AM PM Cream (2 - 4 oz tubes) + Skin Perfecting, Exfoliating Coffee Green Tea Soap Bar
CELLULITE BLASTER WITH LASTING RESULTS: Finulite's carefully selected, clinically tested ingredients reduce, remove and can even prevent the imperfections of cellulite and stretch marks
ONE STEP, NO MESS COFFEE SOAP: Forget the messy body scrubs found in jars. Use Finulite's Natural Green Tea, Peppermint & Coffee Cellulite bar soap as a cost-effective, mess-free, spill-proof alternative. Helps prevent razor bumps & ingrown hair, relieves heavy legs, fights cellulite, treats blackheads and even acne blemishes.
TONES AND TIGHTENS LEGS, THIGHS, BELLY, BUTTOCKS AND ARMS: High performance ingredients work on all areas to help remove imperfections, tightens loose skin, repair damaged skin.and restore skin's health
EASY SQUEEZE TUBES: prevent contamination. Easier to dispense and apply, tubes keep products fresh and free from dirt, dead skin, bacteria and other contaminates common in creams sold in jars. Paraben Free - Cruelty Free - No Artifical Colors or Fragrances
Brand : Finulite
Item model num : FCST-3KIT
MPN(PartNumber) : FCST-3KIT
EAN : 0091131126400
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 18x12x7cm ; 354 g
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